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Commercial Appliance Sales And Servicing

Full plumbing, heating, electrical and appliance services.
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Commercial Appliance Sales

Choosing appliances for your business is very different to choosing appliances for your home. With a wide experience of the models of appliance provided by multiple brands, CAS Duncan makes it easy for you to select the right appliance for the right job. Taking into account size, cost, energy consumption and much more, we help you to make the right choice.

Commercial Appliance Servicing

If any of your business’s appliances have broken down, it’s important to get them repaired and back in action as quickly as possible. Every moment of downtime makes it harder for you to run your business, so we go to every effort to ensure that everything is taken care of with timeliness and attention to detail.

A Dedication To Efficiency

It’s often said that the devil’s in the detail and at CAS Duncan we believe that can be true. To make sure that the little things don’t bring the big things to a halt, we place a great emphasis on carrying out all repairs, maintenance and servicing work in a thorough and efficient manner. For more information about our appliances, just call, we’ll be happy to talk.

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